Hi, my name is Michael and

I'm a web tinkerer.

I'm a software developer with a focus on creating great web experiences and a goal to empower those needing to (re)claim their online presence.

Currently I’m working full time developing tools and experiences for a great company in the lounge and travel space. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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A little about me

My name is Michael Cabana, a Montreal based software developer. I’ve been a developer professionally for just over 4 years.

I first got into web dev while in college where I was actually pursuing a career path towards a Doctor of Optometry. I took an intro to web development class as an elective and right away I knew this was the place for me!

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VS Concept Audio Visuel

Andrew and Nic from VSCAV aim to provide full home automation services to the masses. They want to help break the barrier of entry and clear up any reservatioins about smart tech in the home.


Lessee WIP

Lessee is web app built to help property owners manage their rental properties. Owners will be able to keep track of their properties, tenants and leases while tenants will also be able to use the app to pay rent online and maintain a channel of communication with their concierge or building manager.


This is a passion project and is still a work in progress. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Spotify Now Playing Widget

A tiny widget that uses the Spotify API to display your currently playing track. I’m using it to display what song I’m listening to while streaming on Twitch 🎮.


IEG America Website

The main website for IEG America built from the ground up with modern design and a restructured content layout.


IEG America Portal

An operations management portal that provides analytics, dashboards and reports generation.

AngularTypescriptSCSSMaterial UI


IEG America

Software Developer - Portal Team Lead
2017 - Present
AngularTypescriptSCSSBootstrapDotnetEntity FrameworkMSSQL
  • Responsible for designing and developing functional and thoughtful UI and UX.
  • Leading and mentoring team members in order to maintain the vision for the project.
  • Communicating with project manager, related teams, and stakeholders on a daily basis.
  • Writing scalable and maintainable code based on software oriented architecture paradigms.

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